petition to rename the earth ‘punishment orb’


i recently reached $5,000 on my surgery fundraiser! that is almost 17% to my goal! I still have nearly 25k to go to be able to afford my facial feminization surgery (which is necessary for my well-being). 

I am actually starting to look in to some of the practical aspects of doing this now (like, what surgeon I am going to see, where I am going to stay, et cetera) which is an amazing thing to experience after being despondent for years over the idea I would never be able to afford this on my own.

if you can easily afford to spare a couple dollars please do that (if all of my followers donated just $10 I would have more than enough to get this surgery) and if not please continue to signal boost my posts about this. Thank you so much 👼

is there something you can literally take to stop crying is there some sort of medication

what's wrong with LoL.... i haven't played it before but isn't it just a fighting game or??

you weren’t meant to take that post seriously

i cant stop crying again ahahahhaha this is so FUNNY why am i crying

*gently buries my face into a very soft dog*