im remaking my personal but im not giving it to anyone unless i really trust you cuz someone obviously broke my trust
send me an ask for it if you’re on my /friends page LOL

OH MY FUCKING GOD man i love checking my personal before i go to sleep and finding out someone gave it to someone i didnt want to have the url. thanks. thanks a fucking lot. i thought i could trust people with my personal but it still got out to people i didnt want to access it sooo…. lol

okkkkk im super super sleepy like i might pass out so im going to go to bed now….. goodnight :3c

i love my followers you guys are so sweet. love u

i love how when u get nervous about something ie the doctor's etc and then u come back all happy like "oh hey it was great!!" keep it up u have a happy life molly

thats soooo cute thank you aaa i hope you have one too!

even like people i used to. not get along with im fine ith now

hi molly i keep seeing ppl reblog those "tell me on anon who u have a crush on" and i keep wantin to tell everyone "faefur" but i figured id tell u instead!!!!!!!! ur super cute an i love your blog soo much!!!!!! aaaa

!!!!!!! THATS sooooo cuuuute aaaaa you should come off anon if thats cool with you this is soooo cute

people complimented my hair and my uniform today and i feel really cute and safe and secure my class are really nice

im not going to be here for all of thursday cuz its my sister’s wedding and ill TRY to be here for my bithday on friday buttt

the cute girl told me to have sweet dreams………. ok…… thats so cute……

sometimes i get really paranoid about my age cuz uuuh i feel younger than everybody but its no biggie

i looove my new uniform i love it ilook so good and all my friends look soooo good

a really cute girl from my class is talking to me on facebook and acting all sweet and im blushing……..

i get thursday ff school cuz i get to  go to my sisters wedding and im reallyy excited for it

mum says im not allowed to look in the cupboards in the kitchen so she’s probably hidden presents there SQUEAL